Q: What is Elysian? What does it mean?
A: Elysian is an online space where creative minds can come together and submit and showcase their creations - be that articles on topics such as mental health, feminism, politics, music, TV or original pieces of art, poetry, photography and much more. Elysian is an adjective meaning 'beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect'.

Q: Who is behind Elysian?
A: We are two ex-bloggers, Erin Adams and Rachel Rogers. You can read more about us on the 'aboutpage.

Q: Why did we create Elysian?
A: We created Elysian as a result of a frustration felt within the blogging world. As writers, we often felt out of touch with what it meant to be a "blogger". We were less focused on expensive makeup, flat lays and followers, and more interested in writing and writing alone. The extra stuff works for some, which is fantastic, but it was never for us. We felt that what was missing from the world of online writers was a little space where creatives could interact with each other's work whilst showcasing their own, without the pressure and demands of the blogging we had previously experienced. We discussed this for days, toying with the idea of a slightly different community for creatives and thus, Elysian was born.

Q: How is Elysian different from an average blog?
A: Elysian aims to be a corner of the internet solely for creatives. There is no pressure. We are not interested in numbers. We are not interested in how many hits we get a day. All we want is pure art and creativity and passion. That is what is truly beautiful to us. 

Q: What can I submit? 
A: Short answer - ANYTHING. We want poetry, short stories, photography, art, articles on anything that interests you - mental health, feminism, politics, movies, music, books....the list is endless. However we would like to add that although we encourage the writing of more 'taboo' and 'radical' topics; we will not accept anything that is offensive, racist, sexist, or just down right illegal. As for swearing, we acknowledge that some instances NEED a swear word, we're not prudes, but please be mindful of how much you are swearing, sometimes it can come across as aggressive when we know that is not the intention. For a further explanation of why we may not publish everything that we receive, please click here.

Q: How can I submit?
A: You can check out our 'submit' page for all the details of this.

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