Thursday, 6 April 2017

'Two Minds' by Evie Billon

Why is it that I never know
Should I stay or should I go
Will I spend my whole life in limbo

All the sacrifices that we make
But should I stay another day
If I do will things change?
Or will we continue playing these silly games

The days pass, we grow old
I have a vision for a life so bold
Wishing to spend each day with you
I am truly sorry for the things I have put you through

For now I feel I am obliged to leave
You mustn't want to be here with me
Why would you want to spend a life with me?
We aren't those kids we used to be
Remember when we hung those shoes upon the tree...

I'm sick of hanging on your every word
Where is the love that I deserve?
I would run to the end of the earth for you
But would you do the same for me? I'm not sure if that is true.
So I will go and walk this path alone.
I guess at least then, the confusion will be gone.

Forever yours. Forever mine.

Evie Billon

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