Monday, 3 April 2017

'Remembering Sixteen' by Rachel Rogers

Remember when you were sixteen? 
Confused but so sure
Grown up but still a child
Somedays I was sad
But not everyday
Some days are full of happiness and sunshine and
I can still taste warm and sticky
peach schnapps like I did on that night where I was drunk, 
not just on alcohol, but on sun and good friends, 
and feeling like summer will never end
the sticky peach taste and burnt barbecue food is etched on my tongue. 
Young and innocent.
I felt like I knew it all
Weekends were accompanied by cheap cider and best friends 
not forever
Happy memories but I'm glad they're just that
Life was good then but it got better,
Although I can still taste the warm, sticky peach schnapps

Rachel Rogers
Co creator of Elysian

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