Sunday, 26 March 2017

Why We May Not Publish Everything that We Receive

Both of us felt the need to let all of our contributors know that although we encourage posts from everyone about anything, there are some instances where we feel that we simply will not be able to publish a piece. If there are, for example, posts with excessive grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, it could be the case that it may need so much editing that the writer's original work would be lost. In this instance we feel that it wouldn't be fair to the author or to Elysian as a whole to go ahead with publishing. 

There may also be instances where a piece just doesn't fit our ideals, or may be something that we just cannot support for whatever reason. We ask you to respect this because whilst we are keen to have a very diverse webpage, we have every right to refuse something that may we find offensive, upsetting, or just a little bit off. This page represents the both of us professionally, and if we feel that a post will compromise this, as well as distress our readers in any way, then we have every right to withhold it.

Hopefully as fellow creatives you will already understand this, and also understand that any decision we make not to publish has been thought long and hard about and is never a personal attack.

- Rachel & Erin 

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