Tuesday, 28 March 2017

'Distance' by Lauren Chassebi

with windows open
and I will too. 
Take comfort
basking in the light
of the same moon.

Mental Health and Why You Need to Lose the ‘Miracle Cure’ Mindset

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the miracle cure doesn't exist. I wish it did, but it just doesn't, and, the sooner you realise this, the sooner your recovery will begin.

The problem with mental illnesses and disorders is that they're largely and collectively still a grey area. See, we can’t just open up the skull and point at a part of the brain and say ‘yep, just tweak that one a little’ and ‘oh, just rewire that somewhere else!’ Believe me, I wish we could.

'Yellow Walls, Two Chairs' by Erin Adams

I'm not sure what it is
that makes people
grab onto me so tightly
to decide I'm no good
fragments of fragility
idolising what killed me

Monday, 27 March 2017

'Little Lost Boy' by Theodore Person

Once there was a little lost boy
Walking through a forest 
He saw a girl pretty as ever
And it made his heart sing in chorus 
They talked and they laughed
Eventually they fell in love 
But the little boy had to leave, and go back to his home
He kissed her one time and was gone

'The Voice in My Mind' by Chloe-Rose

On the bus

In the library

Even the silence

can’t stop it.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Dear Single Girls

Dear Single Girls,

Your life should not be lived in search of that other person who's going to make you whole. You shouldn't live your life waiting for someone else to complete you. You were never born a half. You were born unequivocally and totally you. A complete whole with no need for anyone else. 


One of the most common traits of being human is spending too much time overthinking every action. We analyse every possible scenario, playing it out in our head over and over again until we have realised which scenario is best. Even then, we are prone to second-guessing our decisions ad infinitum.  

For example, when it comes to writing I spend what seems like forever trying to come up with the most perfect, unique idea. As a perfectionist, it feels like if I don't articulate my thoughts correctly, then my content is not good enough. Logically speaking, if I feel like this about my own work, then others will surely feel similarly. This thought process seems to be one that is shared by a lot of writers, the perfectionist trait almost being synonymous with the action of writing itself. 

'The Sound of Silence' by Marc Lamberts

Whilst I take a sip of my cup of tea 
And stare so deep into the newspaper I might burn my eyes 
I contemplate on life and the form it has taken on this breezy Saturday morning 
Events in the recent past have taken my mind 
Racing through my brain, are the thoughts past, present and future 
Of comfort, no man or woman speak 

Why I Am a Proud History Geek

When I was 10 years old, growing up on the Isle of Anglesey in North Wales, we went on a school trip to a place called Plas Penmynydd (roughly translated as House at the top of the mountain). Although just a very old manor house to most, this was a significant historical place because it was where a young man called Owen Tudor had lived and grown up.

Owen had gone on to marry the Dowager Queen of England, Catherine of Valois. The two had a son who married a wealthy heiress called Margaret Beaufort. Margaret bore a son called Henry who defeated Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth and became Henry VII, the father of the Tudor Dynasty.

5 Things I Want People to Know About my Anxiety

From the age of thirteen, I have suffered from anxiety. Now, obviously six years is quite a long time and I have had many experiences with this illness, as you can imagine. The ones that stick with me the most are the comments about "attention seeking" and "manning up" and "oh my god, can you really not do that?". Through the years, I have had so many thoughts that I've wanted to SCREAM from the rooftops, but I haven't due to how quick people are to judge and because of the stigma and assumptions surrounding this illness. 

So, here are five thoughts about anxiety that will destroy your cliche ideas. 

Why We May Not Publish Everything that We Receive

Both of us felt the need to let all of our contributors know that although we encourage posts from everyone about anything, there are some instances where we feel that we simply will not be able to publish a piece. If there are, for example, posts with excessive grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, it could be the case that it may need so much editing that the writer's original work would be lost. In this instance we feel that it wouldn't be fair to the author or to Elysian as a whole to go ahead with publishing. 

There may also be instances where a piece just doesn't fit our ideals, or may be something that we just cannot support for whatever reason. We ask you to respect this because whilst we are keen to have a very diverse webpage, we have every right to refuse something that may we find offensive, upsetting, or just a little bit off. This page represents the both of us professionally, and if we feel that a post will compromise this, as well as distress our readers in any way, then we have every right to withhold it.

Hopefully as fellow creatives you will already understand this, and also understand that any decision we make not to publish has been thought long and hard about and is never a personal attack.

- Rachel & Erin 

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Welcome to Elysian

Hello and welcome to the very first post on Elysian!
We are two friends and ex-bloggers, Erin and Rachel, who wanted to create a space where creatives like us can come together and share their work. We have tonnes of exciting posts on the way, ranging from poetry, to articles, to short stories, to photography and so much more!

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